CV/ResumeLatviešu || English
Graphic Design Portfolio book: browse portfolio!

Base education: Ķekava Art school, Riga English
grammar school, Riga Music boarding school
Currently: BFA degree in graphic design from
Savannah College of Art and Design

The origins of the artist within Arta

When I was as old as there are fingers on one hand, I made dozens of paper planes covering the whole living room floor, and drew thorough designs on them, having pilot windows and all. I carefully filled in the pages of a coloring book as my grandpa pointed out to be more careful and not go over the lines; I assume my attention to detail thrived here. I substituted chalk, using pieces of smashed, white concrete to draw on the pavement by our house. I quickly tried to rinse it with water when my dad got home, as I was not supposed to scrape things on the ground like that, but of course the huge puddle of water I spilled over it, gave me away. I drew endless scribbles during math classes and by the end of the year there were more drawings than numbers in a notebook. I secretly entered an imagined competition against the older kids with more skill in my art school classes to try and do better than them. I used eye-shadow makeup to draw when pencils were not within the reach.

The paper planes are my dreams, the coloring books are my beginning, the pavement and math classes are the quiet rebel in me and the eye-shadow is about finding ways to accomplish things despite the circumstance.

 Hire me!

You were thinking that your new book could use a custom cover with a nice design or an illustration? Or maybe your business card feels like it could use some character? I can even edit your birthday party pictures! Logos, brochures, flyers, posters? Perhaps branding or identity creation? CD cover art for your band? Tell me – I will put my best effort into finding the creative solution you’re looking for! I love working for others, which is why I’m so engaged with my occupation – I wouldn’t change it for anything!

Please visit my fast and easy contact page, you’ll find my email as well as bunch of other links like twitter (tweet me, that’s super easy!), also my sketch blog or youtube, where I post the progress of some of my illustrations.


I love to participate in other projects like collaborative art books, publishings or anything creative, so, if anything comes up, I’d be glad to hear about it! Message me.


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